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Boca Chamber Festival Days

Boca Chamber Festival Days - A True Example of Community Partnership

BCFD is the Boca Chamber’s outreach to the non-profit community. Non-profit Chamber Members join forces with for-profit Chamber Members to hold events during the month of August. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit member’s philanthropic efforts. All month long, residents of South Palm Beach County travel from event to event, participating in everything that is great about Boca Raton - from the smaller to the grand!

The Boca Chamber helps to facilitate these events that are created and run by a pairing of non-profit members with for-profit members during their specific Boca Chamber Festival Days event. 

Boca Chamber Festival Days events:

à  Are planned and run by non-profits
à  Are supported by for-profits
à  Raise awareness and funds for the non-profits
à  Are held throughout the month of August at various locations in the greater Boca Raton area
à  Offer a unique and fun advertising and philanthropic opportunity in a cost-effective way

Boca Chamber Festival Days is facilitated and marketed by
the Boca Chamber

ALL for-profit members, non-profit members and non-members are welcome to participate in this fun-filled month, BUT companies MUST be members of the Boca Chamber to be a 'named' event sponsor in Boca Chamber Festival Days.

Here's How to Get Involved - Fill out the APPLICATION:

Events are added to our calendar on a first-come, first-served basis. While we cannot stop a second event from being held in a timeslot that already has an event scheduled, we strongly discourage it as to help each event get the maximum amount of attendees. Therefore, marketing priority will be given to the first event to fill out and return the application fee of just $300.

If you would like to join the Boca Chamber, please use this link. All non-profit event planners and sponsors must be members in good standing with the Boca Chamber. Check the business directory on our website for specifics.

For more formation about marketing your company through BCFD, or if you are a non-profit
and wish to plan your own event for 2018, contact Alison Miuccio at
amiuccio@bocachamber.com or call 561.395.4433 x236.

Thank you to our offical Boca Chamber Festival Days photographer Debra Somerville!