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Leadership Boca

Leadership Boca 2023


The Program

The single most important ingredient for building a successful, thriving community is an investment in leadership. The future of our community depends on well-informed and involved leaders. Cultivated, trained and motivated community leaders will shape and determine the future of Boca Raton. Leadership Boca represents the Boca Chamber's effort to ensure that our community leaders possess the knowledge that will enable them to meet the challenges of the future.

This popular annual program is designed to educate civic-minded individuals in local issues through the ten session themes:

  • SIMSOC (Simulated Society)
  • Economic Development Day
  • Agriculture Day
  • Health Services Day
  • Human Services Day  
  • Education Day
  • Environmental Awareness Day
  • Media Day
  • Government Day
  • Culture Day
  • Tourism Day

Designed to educate civic-minded individuals in the greater Boca Raton area with regard to issues and concerns facing our community through the ten-session program. You will develop an awareness of business issues and challenges facing your community. The program develops a pool of leaders available to become involved in creating, maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of Boca Raton. You will discover your personal leadership strengths and find new areas where you can make meaningful contributions. It involves meeting with experts in the fields of government, health care, environment, education, social services, business, public safety, the arts, the media and more. Participants are given the opportunity to learn about civic issues, question situations and formulate solutions by looking at the big picture.


Leadership Boca participants will become a part of a growing network of community and business leaders with whom they will interact for the remainder of their careers. Participants will become a more valuable asset to their employer by providing face-to-face contacts with current community leaders, identifying concerns and issues, and preparing themselves to assume future leadership roles. Perhaps the most important benefit is that Leadership Boca graduates have the opportunity to return to the community some of what the community has given to them.


The program is open to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated a sincere commitment, motivation, and interest to become more involved in the greater Boca Raton community and the Boca Chamber. Participants should be just approaching or already at the decision making level in their organizations. Individuals who have the potential for advancement to the top leadership positions within their organization and who may play a significant role in the future of Boca Raton should also apply.

Selection Process/Tuition

Leadership Boca participants are chosen by a selection committee from applications submitted to and received by the Boca Chamber. Space is limited to 30 participants! The cost of investing in Leadership Boca is time and tuition. Tuition for the 2023 program is $1,295. The program runs every other Wednesday beginning in April and continuing through July.

Please CLICK HERE to download the application for Leadership Boca 2023. First Application is Due by September 16, 2022. For more information on Leadership Boca please call the Boca Chamber at 561.395.4433 ext. 233 or email Chasity J. Navarro at