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10/22/2021 General
Itz Why LLC announces strategic partnership with Professional Leaders

Boca Raton, FL October 22, 2021 - Itz Why LLC has entered into a strategic

alliance with Wellness Warriors for Life, and NGC Consulting. The collaboration

originated from the unprecedented turmoil recently adding to the tension

businesses have already faced for decades; Together they will fulfill a mission

to support each other, refine expertise to increase sales, reduce stress, and

take back control of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


? Alliance Members: Lynn Lessell, CHWC, CLC, BBA of Itz Why LLC is a certified health

and life coach, business mentor, and consultant. Dina Legland RN, BSN, CHC, CLC, of

Wellness Warriors for Life, is a registered nurse of 33 years also a certified health

and life coach. Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch, Founder of NGC Consulting is a

master in Human Resource Services and Accounting.


? These three professionals randomly came together to reveal an innovative method of

creating powerful bonds that advance their businesses. They quickly realized their

innovative new way of building these valuable relationships to elevate revenue and

how they do business was something that shouldn’t be kept to themselves. By

partnering with their inner powers they chose to bring this initiative to like-minded

leaders and entrepreneurs.


? Lynn, Dina, and Nicole met frequently since August 2021 and their work led to the

successful launch of this incredible opportunity on October 21, 2021, at the Wyndham

Deerfield hotel in Deerfield, FL with the expert collaboration of catering and banquet

managers Naomi Richter and Matthew Hemingway. Attendees of the launch were

excited about becoming members of this elite group and revealing ways to reduce

stress and increase business with ongoing support.


Initially, the partnership will revolve around weekly meetings beginning November 11, 2021 to

be held at Office Evolution in Coral Springs, FL. There will be a few different membership tiers

with full memberships offering many extra perks and exciting opportunities. With time, the

companies will also collaborate on expanding to other cities to provide the resources and

support to professionals both in-person and virtually. This IPP team believes providing support

knows no boundaries and anyone wanting to become a member will have that opportunity.


”Whatever we may have experienced up until today doesn’t have to determine our tomorrow.

We get to choose.”

IPP is the support team that helps you take back control of your life to surpass your success

goals and love your life again.”

~Lynn Lessell CHWC, CLC, BBA Itz Why LLC Founder & IPP Founder and President


”IPP is about genuine connections, unlimited support, and eliminating the bottle necks that

hinder business owners from thriving and growing.”

~Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch Founder of NGC consulting, IPP Management Team


"IPP is about building valuable relationships and having the support to conquer the obstacles

we face personally and professionally!”

~Dina Legland RN, BSN, CHC, CLC Founder of Wellness Warriors for Life,LLC, IPP Management



IPP Management Team

• Lynn Lessell-The Identity Coach Certified Health/Life Coach, Facilitator of

Compassionate Integrity Training, Functional Nutrition and Board Certified Training,

BBA-mentor & consultant

• Dina Legland- RN, EMT, Certified Health/Life coach

• Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch- Corporate VP, HR Management, President of NGC



Contact Information:

Lynn Lessell 561-717-3090


Lynn Lessell Founder

of Itz Why LLC & IPP