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8/15/2019 General
Google Ads Put Us on Top

Google Ads Put Us on Top

Are you familiar with the most luxurious ad platform available? Are you even aware that that Google Ads exist? Most people answer one of these two questions correctly. They know it exist but write if off simply because they do not understand it or want to understand it. Most, if not all of the companies that we speak to about Google Ads, are doing it wrong. It can be intimidating in the beginning, but I assure that once you understand the capabilities of the Google Ads platform, you can do just about anything. As a Google Ads certified agency, we stand by Google Ads and the success it has brought our clients.

Did you know that you can target your audience in Google Ads? When I say target, I mean hitting the target on the bullseye. You can narrow your audience down to the city you want, within a 2 mile radius of your store or office, during a certain time of the day, only on mobile device, from the ages of 25-35, only female, and exclude neighboring cities where competition may be high. THAT is amazing. Unfortunately, the majority of companies who use Google Ads have no clue these options exist because they use the “recommended” options from Google. Google wants your money, simply put. They will recommend whatever makes them the most money, please allow professionals to handle your account. High Level Studios is not successful unless you are successful. Allow us to review your current campaign and make any recommendations we can. We pay for ourselves.