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2/2/2021 General
Is Your Teen REALLY Ready

Webinar: Is Your Teen REALLY Ready For College
Webinar Date & Time: Friday, February 5th @ 12:00PM EST (60 Minutes)

Register Here: https://calendly.com/volitionacademy/isyourteenreallyreadyforcollege
Not understanding the preparation needed for their child’s future can cost parents an additional $20K-
$50K in tuition and potentially their child’s happiness. The college experience has changed significantly
over the past 2-3 decades and is no where near where it was when you were on campus. Our teens and
young adults need the proper support to be able to fulfill meeting their potential and creating a life that
they love.

During our 60 webinar, we’ll share the following:
- Provide details to understand the current landscape on campus
- 3 Key Questions that you can ask your child to assess their college readiness
- 3 College Hacks that will save you TIME, MONEY, & STRESS
Volition Academy is a Boca Raton-based leading-edge transformational coaching & mentoring company
solely focused on working with college-bound teens to ensure they have unshakeable confidence so that
they can engineer a plan to create an extraordinary life.

What we have found is that whether you have an overachiever, an average student, or a student that
has already given up on life, they all need more support. They are all silently struggling in some area of
their life which is keeping them stuck and unhappy. As parents, we want our children not to have to
struggle in their life and to experience joy and happiness while fulfilling on meeting their potential. The
programs taught at Volition Academy are an entirely different education than what is learned in school
but one that is just as, if not more, useful in helping your child create the life they love – their extraordinary life.