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Data Extraction - Pros and Cons

Data extraction, or web scraping, requires that tech experts examine the HTML source code of a given website to be able to extract useful information from it. This source code can be revealed through most computer web browsers by pressing Ctrl+U or the F12 key—feel free to try it while visiting any website. Software development companies such as The SilverLogic (https://tsl.io/) in Boca Raton can effectively comb through this frontend code with proficiency, using programming libraries such as Beautiful Soup and tools such as such as Regex to decode and extract whatever data a company needs.

There are two kinds of websites that can be scraped: basic and dynamic. Basic websites are static and straightforward, and scraping them is akin to simply reading a web article. Dynamic websites are more complex and have more moving parts, such as slideshows, live feeds, and social media integration. Both types can be efficiently scraped for any information you may use with a well-developed web scraper that is tailored to your company’s needs.

A web scraper runs as frequently as needed and automatically downloads information relevant to your company from predetermined internet sources. This data can then be exported to and seamlessly integrated with any platforms or systems that your company uses, such as QuickBooks or Google Sheets, to present relevant information in the most convenient way possible. It can naturally also be integrated with a company’s websites, applications, internal documentation, or general software.

Learn more about data scraping today.

What Information Is Available?
Interested in monetizing their information, most websites want consumers to have to stop by their platform in order to see the advertisements that fund their platform. As such, any website that relies heavily on user traffic may be more difficult to scrape for data, as they may design their website’s code to randomly change every so often, such as with machine-generated class names, for example. These websites will certainly ban scraping in their terms of service. Certain other platforms, such as Twitter, have banned it in their terms of use, with the additional intent of banning Twitter bots, a controversial form of mass media manipulation that is separate from web scrapers. 

Scraping has become even more difficult for websites to enforce as conventional captcha prompts, to prove a user’s humanity, are often beaten by modern A.I. Even if the captcha is particularly advanced, such as Google’s, captcha solvers (remote human workers who manually fill in captcha prompts for an A.I.) often help bypass website restrictions.

Although becoming increasingly smarter, web scrapers still have to be updated periodically to function. With frequently changing websites, web scrapers also have to be updated occasionally to continue working at maximum efficiency. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pursue this technology with a long-term ally in tech support, such as The SilverLogic. Our team of experts is prepared to work closely with you throughout the development process and will remain available afterwards for your technical needs, with updates and long-term support.

Is Data Extraction For You?
If you are a business leader looking to boost company productivity, automate repetitive tasks, facilitate research, or develop an application, data extraction may very well be the key to your success. The technology is powerful and robust, and the applications are endless. For more information, please click here to schedule a meeting with The SilverLogic’s experts to see how new technologies can provide the tools you need for your business to succeed. m

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Moving Virtual Programming from FREE to FEE 

Today’s article has to do with what I call moving from FREE to FEE. Many Americans have been stuck indoors for months, watching the world in a much different way than ever before.

In fact, the Coronavirus has created a brave new virtual world.

When our schools and businesses came to a total stop, we all had to improvise. And improvise we did, creating a new world of amazing virtual programming to educate and entertain. Our children attended virtual classes, we joined into meetings on Zoom and we got used to attending events via webinar.
Free virtual programming has become a norm in most of the county. We are living in a world of virtual touring. Our moms are playing cards and attending book clubs on Zoom. Or staffs are participating in virtual conferences instead of live conventions. We are celebrating family life events in cyber-space.
For businesses that thrive on programming (schools, conventions, business, non-profits and social organizations) this has created a huge loss in revenue.  The not-so-easy answer is to charge for virtual services.

Moving from FREE to FEE for any product or service represents a challenge to managers. Especially when consumers have plenty of free alternatives.

There are hundreds of virtual programs at our fingertips. People are used to getting this gratis. So, why should they pay for the cow when they can get the milk for free?

There are lots of implications that marketers and managers need to consider when moving programs and events to paid virtual.

Moving from FREE to FEE - Best Practices

1. You can’t just move from Free to Fee without pissing some customers off. You need to continue with some free programming.  This might include broader “lower level” options that don’t carry a high cost, re-runs of previous “live” programs, introductory sessions.
2. Content is king. If your content is valuable and aimed at helping / supporting your customers / users to be successful, it justifies the cost.
3. Differentiating the digital event. Making the overall experience interactive, sophisticated, and much more robust than other free virtual events that are being offered through one-way webinar-type platforms. This may mean investing in fancy recording devices and more complex software than Zoom. This may also mean investing in and training real moderators.
4. Give your customers / supporters plenty of notice. Offer them a chance to comment and contribute feedback.  Survey them and ask for their opinions.
5. Price it fairly. Use your survey data and research the competition.
6. Consider “grandfathered” pricing for long-time customers / supporters. What about series pricing?
7. Think about membership pricing rather than single event pricing.
8. Exclusivity has a huge impact is fee-based virtual programming. Exclusive events for paid members.  Think virtual red carpet treatment.  Consider pre-workshops; special post-event Q&As with authors. In the world of free vs fee online software, think Pro Member benefits. In TV, think NFL Sunday package.
9. Make the Free to Fee transition gradual, if possible. People will only want to pay if they know you’re delivering   value.
10. A paid event ensures a higher percentage of attendance. Typically, free or complimentary events have a much higher no-show rate.

Surveys have indicated that many individuals have become accustomed to the convenience of in-home learning and entertainment. They want to continue having this option at their fingertips.  Consequently, businesses and organizations will need to offer both live and virtual programming of the same event. And, price them accordingly.

Will our brave new world ever go back to predominantly live events? I don’t know. What I do know is that businesses that want to stay profitable will need to monetize some of the virtual services they are giving away for free.

Marketers and managers need to figure out a constructive way of moving from FREE to FEE. And this transition needs to benefit all parties involved.

Dale Filhaber is President of Dataman Group Direct, a boutique direct marketing agency in Boca Raton, FL.

Dataman Group provides lists for direct mail, telemarketing, email and social media. The company offers hundreds of lists, including new homeowners, mortgage data, charitable donors, families, and businesses. Dataman Group has been a proud member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce for 34 years.  Visit the Dataman Group website or call (561) 451-9302



Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!
I want to talk about the very real problem of hair loss. This is a silent epidemic, not just in boca Raton but worldwide.
** 2/3 American men have visible hair loss by the age of 35.

** 25% of male pattern baldness starts before the age of 21.

** 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by the age of 50.

** 21 million women in this country alone have thinning hair.

** 40% of women have visible hair loss by the age of 40.

** 40% of people suffering from hair loss are female.

These are sobering statistics. Hair loss is not just a male problem, it is a human problem. If you have hair, you risk losing it. I suffer from hair loss and as a woman with hair loss, there simply is not much out there for information. Hair loss is a very intimate issue for anyone but for women it is humiliating in so many ways. We are not supposed to go bald! We don’t want to admit that we have a problem with hair loss, and we certainly don’t want to talk about it. However, I am here to take the shame out of hair loss for both men and women. I have had a hair transplant myself. I started to lose hair in my early 30s and by the time I was 39, I needed a hair transplant. My own experience with a doctor who didn't fully understand hair loss is what changed the course of my career. I now specialize in skin, hair and intimate rejuvenation in Boca Raton. I provide both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for hair loss. I work closely with my patients to address the various causes of hair loss to provide a great and natural long-term result. No one needs to know that you had a hair transplant or restoration, but you will want to tell friends and family about your great results!

 I have been named as the “Expert in Hair Transplantation and Restoration” by Boca Raton Magazine. I see patients from Boca Raton, Delray Beach and surrounding areas in South Florida as well as patients from as far as Australia. It takes a village. We are in this together. It's good to talk about it! Please feel free to call our office to set up a complementary consultation. What do you have to lose but more hair?

About BAWA Medical:
 Dr. Kanwal Bawa is not your average physician – she offers unique treatments and brand new, state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Bawa is proud to offer exceptional quality in every procedure she performs. She underwent specialized training and certification for hair transplantation and restoration, scalp PRP, Vampire Facelift®, Facial® and Breast Lift®, as well as the O-Shot® and P-Shot® for sexual enhancement. Her goal is to help patients feel good on the inside and out.

Meet The Doctor:
 Welcome to Bawa Medical. I was born in New Delhi, India into a family rooted in the military and academia, both of which shaped much of my outlook on life. I completed an honors degree in English Literature at the University of Delhi followed by another degree in English Literature as well as pre-medical courses at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and then completed an internship and residency in Emergency Medicine at South Pointe Hospital/ Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Holiday Blog by Christy Zwenger…www.christyzwenger.com



Holiday Greetings!  Need a little shot of JOY this Season?  I’ve created a simple “exercise” using the letters in the word, “joy,”  to empower us all to live more “fully” this Holiday Time of Year.  Read ahead…


Start here and STOP.  Lol…start and stop??  Yes…Start by purposefully releasing all distracting thoughts…all edgy-pressury emotions…LET THEM GO…and BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT…the here and now…the minute of time straightaway. 

Take a deep breath…exhale…and envelop your senses with the present moment!  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What are you touching?  And…if you’re eating…what are you tasting? 

Basically activate your senses to be aware of what each is doing.  This simple practice helps center us in the NOW. 

Put this exercise to work throughout the day…on the hour…at noontime…whenever!

Remember:  JUST BE PRESENT! 


As you center yourself to be present, open yourself to the emotions…the sounds…the energy…the “vibes” you are experiencing right then! 

Release any thought, any emotion that doesn’t serve you…and OPEN YOURSELF UP! 

Like a flower unfolding to the morning sun…open up!  Breathe in!  Be excited!  Infuse your being with gratitude and expectation!

I like to be childlike in this exercise.  Think back on some of your most happy times as child, especially with the memories you have (choose the good ones!) of this time of the year when you were little. 

I imagine my Christmas tree at home…the lights…my sister and I dressed in our robes…watching RUDOLPH on TV (when you only saw it once a year back then!)…the anticipation…the excitement of the Season! 

Whatever joyful memories you have…open yourself to them! 

Come back to the present…be open to the freshness, the gracefulness of the moment…it’s so chaste and pure!!!  Relish in it!



Now that you’re “warmed up” with being present and opening yourself, the yielding part is primed and ready!

Yield…basically “give in” to what your heart is saying at this moment.  What promptings are you getting?  Any nudges?  Any hints in your gut? 

Basically, it’s tuning in…

Let me give you an example.  I was at the store last week purchasing 3 pairs of shoes (I hadn’t bought any new ones in a while!) and had struck up a cordial conversation with my cashier, Charlie.  We both had lived in St. Louis, which was an instant connection.  I went on to tell him I had written a children’s book, THE CURSIVE LETTERS REVOLT!!  Come to find out, his daughter is a third grade teacher in the area. 

I can’t explain it, but at once…I felt a tenderness…an urge… to give…And it just so happened, I had a copy of my book in my bag. 

Without a second thought, I grabbed it and gave it to him to give to his daughter to share with her class!

He of course was taken aback…didn’t know how to respond…and started to refuse it.  I pressed in…and he received it with awe and thankfulness! 

The cashier next to him, overhearing our conversation…was “dazzled” by the giving moment and responded with an “Oh my gosh!  How nice!” 

I left the store on cloud 9…so BLESSED from this act of giving spontaneously from my heart! 

I share this story…not to be boastful, but to encourage all of us to JUICE UP OUR JOY this Season…to be ready and sensitive to those moments our heart is telling us something…

Remember:  YIELD!

This IS the Season of Love!  JUICE UP YOUR JOY!  Be present…Open yourself…Yield!  You’ll be surprised how peace-filled and blessed in the moment you really are!! 


Your Business Should Have A Facebook Group (or Several!)...Here’s Why and How.

By Kurt Lucien

Facebook has become such an important way for businesses to market their products and services. But with recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, many businesses are struggling to get the same exposure they used to get on Facebook.

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The Sunshine State

By Unlimited Solar

When it comes to installing Solar Panels there is no substitute for experience. Make sure to hire experts so that your Home Solar System investment will be completed on time and provide the maximum energy from your photovoltaic PV panels.   Florida homes demand special attention due to the sun, salt, heat, humidity and high winds found in Florida.

How Does It Work?

Solar Panels:
Solar panels harvest the suns energy and convert it to electricity.

The inverter then converts the DC electricity to AC electricity. This is the electricity that we use in our every day household.

Grid Tied:
The electricity that is produced will go into your home first. Any extra power will be sent back out to the grid and be given to the customer as a credit.

For more details, click the following link:

Or contact us directly to set up a FREE energy assessment.

Your  Solar Team at your Service,
Martin (954) 404-4239 or Ana (954) 560-9716

Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Tax Trust Income Solely Based on Beneficiary’s Residence

By Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O'Gara LLC

In N.C. Dep’t of Revenue v. Kimberley Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision on June 21, 2019 holding the State of North Carolina may not tax a beneficiary on the income of a trust merely because the beneficiary resides within its borders.  In Kaestner, an individual domiciled in New York formed a trust for the benefit of his children.

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The Millennial Consumer Want To Do Business With Ethical, Sustainable and Socially Responsible Companies

According to an article in Huffington Post, 61% of millennials are worried about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference.   Smart businesses are taking this statement and developing their marketing plans to reach the millennial consumer around it.

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Bossbabe Nicole Mastrangelo Takes Over The Family Business

By Women On Topp

Nicole Mastrangelo a 33-year-old small business owner and budding entrepreneur. Four years ago, Nicole left her career on the fast track in luxury fashion, to take over her family’s pest control business. Pause for reaction… yes you read that right- Pest Control!

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Take advantage of the seasons in your Marketing - It's time to focus on Spring

Businesses that take advantage of the seasons in their marketing initiatives get a leg up on the competition by showing that they are current, in the spirit and have the competitive edge.

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Clean Up Your Inbox to Start 2019

By DataDale

One of the nicest things you can do for yourself to start the New Year off right is to clean up your inbox. I have been to dinner with friends who have thousands (and I mean thousands) of emails on their phones. How do they find anything? Just think of your inbox at work. Like yours, mine is seriously overloaded.

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Strategies for Gifting Interest in a Closely Held Business To Charity

By Attorney Jason S. Palmisano

Gifting interests in a closely held business can result in a significant planning opportunity for the right donor as well as a substantial benefit to a favorite charity. Consider the following three planning strategies for charitable gifts utilizing private and closely held business interests:

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Interchange Optimization - What is It?

By Adam Moss

Visa and MasterCard, along with card issuing banks, set the cost of interchange or the base cost to process a credit card transaction. There are over 300 levels of interchange with rates ranging from as low a .05% to as high as 3.25% and everything in between. What determines the cost of interchange is based on many factors, including benefits given to the cardholder and perceived risk.

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Data Breaches Target Hospitality Industry - What Can be Done?

By Adam Moss

The Hospitality Industry has been and will continue to be a target of data breaches. Business owners need to assess the risk a data breach will have on their business. As you will see below, Clarity EPS, powered by CardConnect, offers a patented solution for tokenization and encryption combined with Point-to-Point Encryption.

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No Signature Required - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

By Adam Moss

For as far back as we can remember, signing for a credit card purchase was simply part of the purchasing process. Customers signed the credit card receipt, the employee or business owner would check the back of the card to ensure the signatures match and the sale was completed. Ok, so nobody really checked the back of the card to match up signatures. However, signing the credit card receipt helped reduce the risk to banks that purchases would be disputed. As a result, the cost of processing an in-person transaction, with a signed receipt, was lower than transactions with no signature or those taken over the phone or online.

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Credit Card Processing 101 - The Major Players

By Adam Moss

For as far back as we can remember, signing for a credit card purchase was simply part of the purchasing process. Customers signed the credit card receipt; the employee or business owner would check the back of the card to ensure the signatures match and the sale was completed. Ok, so nobody really checked the back of the card to match up signatures. However, signing the credit card receipt helped reduce the risk to banks that purchases would be disputed. As a result, the cost of processing an in-person transaction, with a signed receipt, was lower than transactions with no signature or those taken over the phone or online.

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The Cash Discount - Is it Right for Your Business?

By Adam Moss

For years, consumers, have been offered a lower price when buying gas if they paid with cash. The reason is very simple; the fees paid for processing a credit card take a very big chunk out of gas station profits who already have low profit margins. As a business owner I am sure you have given thought to how such a program would help your business, but it wasn’t offered, until now.

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Developing an Application? Define Your MVP First!

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

We all According to Wikipiedia an MVP (minimal variable product) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future development. Some experts suggest that in business to business transactions an MVP also means saleable: "it's not an MVP until you sell it. Viamble mean you can sell it". Before you decide to build a new product or application, make sure you define your MVP first.

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Creating Synergy Between Direct Mail and Digital Channels: Dos and Dont's

By Dale Filhaber, Dataman Group Direct

We all know that marketing via multiple channels increases response rates, raises awareness and enhances branding.

According to DM News, combining direct mail and email could lead to response rates that are more than double the typical results.

While many businesses combine direct mail & email, different businesses combine them differently.

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Your Website Needs a Check-Up!

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

Your website is your online business card, so it is important that you monitor your website and make sure it is in good hands. Many business owners have learned how to manage their own sites, run campaigns and often do a good job. However, more often than not, there is something that can slip by. Maintaining a website is very time consuming and now more than ever, because it is never finished! In order to be relevant, you need to be adding and updating your website content, ensuring the overall design is still up to standards, and that the message is geared to your target audience. Updating your website is takes a lot of time so you need to make sure you are editing the right pages with the right content. Whether you manage your own website or pay for a service to do this for you, here is a list of basic things you can review to do a website check-up.

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Boca Raton Credit Card Processing

By Adam Moss, Clarity EPS

Working in the world of credit card processing since 2003, we understand business owners face challenges dealing with merchant processing and trying to determine the optimal solution for their business. Too often, business owners are not given proper information regarding pricing, products and services available to them that would result in increased savings and protection of their bottom line. We ensure that this is never the case with our clients.

Our approach in working with businesses helps to separate ourselves from the competition. There are no promises, guarantees or gimmicks. Rather we begin with a basic question; When was the last time you performed an audit of your merchant services program? The impetus behind this question is to gain a better understanding of your business, allowing us to present a tailored solution to meet your specific needs based on technology, security and added value solutions.

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Difference Between Domain Hosting and Web Hosting

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

It can get confusing on understanding the difference between domain hosting and web hosting. Often when I ask a client “Where is your domain hosted?”, they say one of the following:

“Oh, I have everything in GoDaddy or X service.”

“What’s domain hosting? I bought the domain many years ago, I don’t know.”

“Don’t you host my website? You should know.”

“I don’t know, ask my IT guy.”

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How and Why to Use Images on Your Website

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

There are many reasons to add images on your website and blog posts. Besides illustrating your content, it makes your site look nicer, more user friendly and can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You don’t want to have a boring page with just paragraphs and no images. It has been proven that adding images increase the chances of user engagement, social media sharing and can increase your site traffic. However, you need to do it right otherwise you won’t get the most benefits out of them. If your images are too large, it will make your page load slower and page load speed is an important factor for both user experience and SEO. You have to make sure you have rights to use your images, you can’t just do a Google search and grab images and put them on your site.

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5 Essential WordPress Plugins

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

What WordPress plugins should you have on your site? This is something a lot of newcomers or DIY (“do it yourself”) website builders ask when getting started with their WordPress website. This is a basic list to get you started, but I am sure you will come across many more that you will setup for your site. Each website is different and has different needs and different target audiences. Some sites need an image gallery, other sites need an e-commerce component (we suggest using WooCommerce), and the different options goes on and on. WordPress lists more than 40,000 plugins in their repository, so the possibilities are endless! Whatever the case, I am confident you will need the following plugins, so this is our list of 5 essential free plugins you need on your site. Each of these plugins have alternative options, so it is up to you which one to use, but we find these the easiest and most comprehensive plugins to use that are free.

Click here to ready the complete blog post...


Does Your Direct Mail Measure Up?

By Dale Filhaber, Dataman Group

40% of consumers regularly make purchases because of direct mail they’ve received – Does your direct mail measure up?

Creating direct mail that works is one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers.  There are lots of great ways to create an interesting and irresistible piece of Direct Mail both in appearance and content.

Here are 6 great ways to make your direct mail content interesting, irresistible, personal and thought-provoking, which will direct people to your site and generate dollars.

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Steps to Build a New Website

By Juan Lopez, NearSource 

Have you wanted to build a new website but not sure how to get started? Or you hired a web team or developer to get your site done and want to make sure you will be happy with the results? Everybody has their style or approach. Some people are design oriented, others are content driven while others just start throwing things together to see what works. The following is an overview of our basic steps to build a new website with a web development team. When we work on a new website, we start with a questionnaire which helps both the website owner and the development team to understand or define what is wanted. This will help clear up many typical questions that come up in any website project. The following are the steps we follow when building a new website.

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Marketing Trends in 2017

By Dale Filhaber, Dataman Group 

The year 2017 will be an exciting year for marketers, particularly in terms of enhanced digital skills.  As new trends, technology and customer behaviors emerge, the key to success will be in continually learning and staying up-to-date.

Marketers need to experiment with new tools, tactics and marketing campaign ideas and continue to monitor each project so they can discover where their greatest return on investment can be made.

Click here to read the complete blog post.


SSL is Now a Must for Your Website

By Helder Martins, NearSource

There was a time when you only even knew what SSL was if you ran an eCommerce website or online store. Today, more and more people know what SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is or at least know that it is “something” that creates a secure connection between a website visitor and the server through which to send information. Some people would recognize it when seeing a “lock” symbol in the browser when doing online shopping or doing online banking.

SSL is what encrypts the communication between the person who is browsing the website and the website’s server. All data/text submitted either way is encrypted. This way any prying person or software can’t see anything in this connection because it’s encrypted in real time. You have to be able to decrypt it with a “key”. Nowadays keys are very strong so it is very hard to hack.  You can notice you are using SSL in a website when you have to use HTTPS in the address bar.

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Business Owners - Make Sure to Take the Proper Steps to Protect Against Chargebacks

By Adam Moss, Clarity EPS, Inc.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you take the proper steps to protect yourself from unnecessary and unwanted chargeback’s.  With that said, there is no doubt that consumers tend to have the upper hand when it comes to disputes based on the chargeback process.

It is important to know that banks that issue cards, such as Citibank, Wells Fargo and Chase, earn a percentage of every transaction processed with their card. To that end, issuing banks want to keep their customers happy, ensuring their card will be used for future purchases. This is where I believe the consumer has the upper hand when initiating a dispute and the resulting chargeback.

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Does the Thought of Customer Data Breaches Keep You Up at Night?

By Adam Moss, Clarity EPS, Inc.

In today’s highly technological world, data breaches are becoming more commonplace. The theft of personal data and how that data will be used is a very real and worrisome concern. Too often we hear about the data breach of a large company and how that breach of personal information has left thousands or even millions of customers vulnerable. One need not look further than the recent breaches of Target, The Home Depot and ADP, to name a few.

Data breaches can result in significant monetary fines to a business, as well as reputation and brand damage in the event policies are violated or a breach occurs. But data breaches are not limited to large, well-known companies.

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Should I Go with WordPress for My Site?

By Juan Lopez, NearSource

You are thinking of developing a new website and you keep hearing of WordPress. As of now more than 25% of websites on the internet run on WordPress, so it would be hard to believe that all these people are wrong. However, it is not for everyone. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows users to easily setup and edit their website via a user friendly interface.

When we first started developing websites for our customers, we did all kinds of sites from static HTML Websites, custom CMS systems to custom coded websites. Over the last few years we have been developing more and more WordPress websites because of it’s many benefits.

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6 Questions to Ask a Production Company Before Hiring

By Rob Jager, Plum Productions Media

It’s time to add video to your website and now you need to find the right video production company. What questions should you ask? If you have never produced a video before, you might want to read this blog. If you have produced a video, but it didn’t go as well as planned, you might want to read this blog. These are the Six Questions you should ask your video production company BEFORE hiring them.

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Get Real: Don't Be a Phony

By Lewis Fogel, Sandler Training

Are your prospecting calls falling short of setting meetings? If so, It's time to change your style and build rapport that creates mutual trust & respect. Rapport is about Getting Real; Don't be a phony and you will achieve three things crucial in building the relationship.

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10 Simple SEO Tips You Can Use Right Now

By Madeline Barrett, LoSoMo, Inc.

In today’s ever-growing online world, business owners shouldn’t be asking, “Should I do SEO?” but rather, “When can I start?” And luckily, the answer is that you can start today!

Though it may seem intimidating, Search Engine Optimization is easier to grasp than you might think. As search engines like Google, Bing, and Spotlight get smarter, optimizing your website for search engines aligns more and more with optimizing your website for your consumers, which leads to higher conversion rates. Who doesn’t want a user-friendly website that converts?

Click here to read the complete blog post...


The Three Videos Your Business Must Have

By Rob Jager, Plum Productions Media

Video is fast becoming a necessity for any business website. Both product and service companies are starting to see that video can make a website much more productive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) looks for “sticky” websites, that is, websites that visitors spend more time viewing. Visitors stay longer on websites with video because they’re busy watching a video…not clicking around.

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Are You Ready to Inbound?

By Sean Tibor, Red Reef Digital

Are you looking for a better way to generate leads and close customer deals? Are you spending more and more on your paid advertising campaigns and seeing smaller and smaller returns? While online ad spending is going up, so is the complexity and fragmentation of the online advertising space, making it harder to see if your marketing efforts are effective. For example, a December 2015 study revealed that only 37% of small business owners thought their online marketing efforts were helping to grow their business. Even more shocking was that 14% of the respondents said they had no idea if their marketing was effective!

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Charmingly Up-Front

By Lewis Fogel, Sandler Training

Have you ever been charmingly up-front and told a prospect that your product or service may not fit their needs? Probably not. Traditional selling doesn’t work that way. Learn to establish and use up-front contracts to determine the next step in the sales process, in what order, & when. If it happens to be a no, move on.

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What's Your Zero Moment of Truth Potential?

By Madeline Barrett, LoSoMo, Inc.

Your potential customer just searched online for a business like yours… Did they find you? As the online and mobile world continues to expand, your first interaction with your customer is no longer in your store or office, or even on your website. It’s in search engine results, social media, video, and review sites, and it’s called the “Zero Moment of Truth.”

Google defines this “Zero Moment of Truth” or “ZMOT” as the moment when you grab your laptop, phone or other device to learn about a product or service you’re considering trying or buying. If your business doesn’t have a wide-spread online presence, you could be lacking serious ZMOT potential.

When it comes to ZMOT, how does your business measure up?

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What You and Walt Disney have in Common

By Lewis Fogel

Envisioneering Me? And Walt Disney--really? Yes, because great business leaders are envisioneers; they know how to turn their dreams into reality. You and Walt are alike in that, you both could see far into your companies’ futures. You are dreamers. But there is a difference in dreaming and dreaming successfully. Successful dreamers—envisioneers—know how to get to the next step. They know how to make it happen.

Visions and Goals

Recognize that visions are big and goals are smaller. Visions are where you ultimately want to be, whether professionally or personally. Goals are the steps you take to achieve your vision. Disney, for example, envisioned owning a company that created graphic animation. He saw its potential in comic books and celluloid (movies). From newspaper delivery boy to ambulance driver to drawing caricatures for newspapers, to creating advertisements and landing a job as a cartoonist; each job was a step closer to his goals. He eventually saw his vision evolve. What he thought would be his ultimate achievement was, in reality, just one of the goals to his most magnificent envisioneering; the creation of Disney Land, Walt Disney World and EPCOT.

Knowing your company’s vision is a good beginning. Planning the goals it will take to attain it is a must. But unless you are your company’s sole employee, your vision and the means to reach it need to be shared with your staff.

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