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10/9/2019 General
Season 2 Battle of the Bands Recap


Season 2 Golden Bell Battle of the Bands Recap



Season 2 of Golden Bell Battle of the Bands was all the rage this year. Guests enjoyed a concert consisting of South Palm Beach County’s business professionals. Band Members traded in their business suits for musical instruments and microphones to battle it out on stage in front of 800 screaming attendees! Battle of the Bands was graciously hosted by Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC), which Crocker Partners acquired in 2018 with the goal of opening the former IBM campus to the community.

The five competing amateur bands were Federal Highway, Game of Tones, Mechanical Solidarity, Rock Lobsters, and The Stilettos! The night began with performances by The School of Rock’s Student Band and The School of Rock’s Instructors. The battle kicked off with the winning band from last year’s Battle of the Bands, 180 Proof. The night closed with performances by professional bands, Del Pelson and the Solar Reef Band!

The competing amateur bands worked hard all summer long to put on a memorable and entertaining performance, and it showed! We are all so proud of their performances and the astounding amount of support we received from the community. In fact, Season 2 of Golden Bell Battle of the bands sold out, and we raised a record-breaking amount of almost $100,000 to help support The Golden Bell Education Foundation, which is what this concert is all about!

The first award was given to the individual who raised the most funds to help support the Golden Bell Foundation. The individual who won Top Fundraiser was John Tolbert, President and Managing Director of the Boca Raton Resort and Club and the Lead Guitarist of the Rock Lobsters. John Tolbert raised over $50,000! We are so very proud of all the bands that participated in raising funds for this cause.

As the competition came to a close, it was time to pick the winning band of the battle. Judges deliberated over the difficult decision, as each band had demonstrated much showmanship and talent. The winners of Season 2 of Golden Bell Battle of the Bands were Mechanical Solidarity. The crowd went wild as their hard work and dedication paid off.

The Golden Bell Foundation and its Board of Directors, chaired by Chuck Stout of CBIZ is extend their gratitude to all sponsors who helped make this possible, and of course the audience who helped support the bands and the Golden Bell Education Foundation!

About Golden Bell:
The Golden Bell Education Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that was created by the Chamber's Board of Directors as a separate operating entity, for the sole purpose of supporting the Boca Raton Public School System and administrating educational programs that promote business skills and workforce readiness. The Golden Bell Foundation’s mission is to support the Boca Raton public school system by administering funds and educational programs that promote business skills for students. Golden Bell Strives to help our local public schools fill in the gaps of key learning tools and resources not funded from traditional means.