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10/15/2019 General
Jack the Bike Man Ride

Jack the Bike Man Ride!

This is our second Jack the Bike Man Ride! All proceeds of this ride help fund the various programs of Jack the Bike Man. Throughout the year, Jack the Bike Man, Inc. gives away thousands of bikes to underprivileged kids, the homeless, men and women re-entering society from prison, recovering addicts in halfway houses and people living below the poverty line.


Since 1999 Jack the Bike Man has fixed bikes and handed them out to needy children and adults in the area, especially around the holidays when Jack the Bike Man has its biggest bike give away of the year. All of this is possible only with the help of volunteers and contributions.

The community’s need for bicycles is never-ending, as is the organization’s need for funding, volunteers and used bikes that technicians can overhaul. The popularity of the organization has grown and with it the costs. Jack the Bike Man drives all over Palm Beach County collecting bikes or donations of parts. That is why by registering and participating in our first ever Jack the Bike Man Ride is so important.

All net proceeds from this event will benefit Jack the Bike Man’s Wheel of Hope Programs.


The Ride will be hosted by Jack the Bike Man, Inc.; a 201©3. For 20 years, Jack the Bike Man’s purpose has been to strengthen our community through bicycle education and safety programs. Our vision is to create a community of healthy active individuals by providing hope to the less fortunate through support, training and access to bicycles.