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11/8/2019 General
Largest LED Lights Installation in Florida History

Largest LED Lights Installation in Florida History:
''Luminosa, Festival of Lights, Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island''

Jungle Island partners with Zigong Lantern Group, http://www.zigonglanterngroup.com/, to design, manufacture, and produce south Florida's largest LED lights installation in Florida history.  This is a handcrafted LED arts exhibition, handmade by over 300 artisans, taking over 7 months to complete.  Fabrication begins in Zigong, China, at the manufacturing facility owned and operated by Zigong Lantern Group, the industry leader and world renowned Chinese Lantern producer.  Zigong Lantern Group is the worlds largest Chinese Lantern Festival Exhibition, that decided to showcase their craftsmanship in Miami, FL for the first time this year.  Executive Director of North American & European Markets for Zigong Lantern Group, Justin Corsa says, 'I hand picked Jungle Island to be the location in Miami FL, for this exhibition, based on the natural looking beauty this location has to offer.  The lanterns we design compliments the scene/environment very well, which enhances the lights/artwork involved''.  Meng Liu, Director of China-Overseas at Zigong Lantern Group says 'We need a strong partner, such as Jungle Island, to help attract the people of Florida in order to see this spectacular handcrafted work of art'
This exhibition, called "Luminosa" will be held daily from October 5, 2019 until January 8, 2020.  This is a must see exhibition. 
For amazing videos, and behind the scenes footage, you can subscribe to the only Official Chinese Lantern Festival Youtube Channel, here http://www.youtube.com/ChineseLanternFestival.
For more information on upcoming Chinese Lantern Festivals and tickets, http://www.zigonglanterngroup.com/