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We at ComputerCare hope you are staying healthy and safe.  

We are here to help you, and your employees keep your business going under these difficult circumstances.

When transitioning a company to telecommuting, please consider the following: it’s not to late to make sure you have these important procedures in place.

• Working at home may require the ability to remote into a computer at work.  Are you set up for that?

• Some people will need better computers or a decent printer.

• You might need a central area where all employees can get to the company data.

• Proper backup is paramount.

• Make sure that everyone working from home has the proper business class cyber security software (protection from Ransomware, Viruses & Malware).
Whatever your need is we can help, and we can do it remotely.  

We won’t put your employees at risk, while we make sure no-one is putting your company at risk.

We encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy and as calm and hopeful as possible as we deal with a future that seems unpredictable and uncertain.
If you have any questions, or need some information please feel free to call me 561-477-9226 x100 --- or email me MarkToor@computercareinc.com.