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3/20/2020 General
Ubii App Extends Free Signup to New Users Due To Recent Working Restrictions

Ubii App Extends Free Signup to New Users Due To Recent Working Restrictions Associated with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Description: Ubii is announcing that new users can sign up for free with the app during the coronavirus outbreak.

 Ubii, an online marketplace for all services, allows people to sign up and offer services to customers in their area. Today, it announced that they will extend free sign up for new users. This offer is available for both service providers and seekers. To date, Ubii has populated over 1,500 services on the app with screened service providers. Any new provider interested in signing up to offer a service will only have to pay a one-time payment set-up fee of $1. Service seekers will not have to pay any fees at all.

“You have people who are stuck at home and do not have a way to make extra income or to use the time to build their business. Then, you have other people who are also stuck at home but need someone to bring them food or supplies. This is a perfect chance for helping each other during these difficult times. In fact, many business owners are using the Ubii app to find extra labor as they have had to shift their way of providing a service or products to their customers. Restaurants for example, now need delivery drivers as they are getting more calls than they ever have before, . This is occurring in many industries. We can help people find short-term work in their area,” Said Ubii’s representative.

Ubii has advised its users to follow all government sanctions and recommendations to ensure public safety. Some of the services that are in demand right now include many online services, delivery services, virtual services and so forth. The company has exceeded early expectations as far as services offered and app downloads and announced in February that the app is now available for download on Android devices as well as Apple.

“If you are stuck at home and list all the services you can perform, you may use your time effectively to build your business. Also, if you find out that your air conditioning isn’t working and the top five companies you call on Google are closed because of the Coronavirus, what can you do? Are you supposed to sit in your house during 80+ degree weather and wait it out? No! This is why the app is becoming such a useful tool for people, not only for finding extra work and income to build their company for the future, but for those who need assistance right now.” If they have the app on, it means they are open for business!

To sign up, go to our website or download the app on your phone through the Apple App Store or The Play Store. For more information, contact us at (888) 988-8244.