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8/19/2020 General
Why News Without Politics?

Why News Without Politics?
Welcome to this refreshing source of news and information without the unsolicited political bias and influence- 

(Boca Raton, FL- August 2020) - Renown entrepreneur Paul Einbinder, President of News Without Politics, is proud to announce the company’s latest venture, a much needed worldwide news media media source (“newswithoutpolitics.com”) for all your daily unbiased and intriguing news stories. 

News Without Politics (“NWP”) is your go to place for non-political news and daily updates.Stay informed, educated, and ahead of influence. News organizations have one very powerful commonality; the capacity to prioritize. The public has become comfortable in the assurance that the media has their priorities perfectly in order. That is an enormous responsibility that must be managed with the utmost integrity. 

“The freedom to be informed without being influenced is your right as a consumer. By visiting News Without Politics as your alternative news source, you will now have access to the many interesting and relevant stories taking place every day apart from politics.You’ll be amazed to discover the wealth of valuable, thought-provoking, and compelling news stories available worldwide.”, says Paul Einbinder, President.

Please visit
www.newswithoutpolitics.com .Email nwpworldnews@gmail.com to subscribe. To learn more about digital advertising opportunities with News Without Politics (“NWP”), please contact Karen directly at 786.785.1613 or email nwpworldnews@gmail.com. Text: 786.785.1613.

News Without Politics is a proud member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. In celebration of our launch, we will offer Chamber members digital advertising at no cost for the remainder of this year 2020.