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11/30/2020 General

It is no secret we are tired of 2020. What a year. We are seeing the anticipated upsurge in the virus, but attitudes are way different from when we went on a total offensive in March. Tough part is, this is the time when we need to be most diligent, but we are tired of it all. What do we do?

A big part of maintaining a healthy habit, whether it’s eating, exercise, or some other healthy pursuit, is to make a conscious choice of engaging regularly in doing what is healthy and keeping the motivation. How many people commit to going to the gym or cutting out carbs and find we have already broken our com-mitment in a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or af-ter a month? It is tough to make a change and stick with it.

With regards to the vi-rus, we cannot take a “holiday” from healthy habits. One bad choice can lead to having to deal with the conse-quences. While it may all seem overwhelming, let me go over a few tips that may help you. If you break something down into the few healthy steps you need to take at home and at work, it may not seem so daunting.

Limit the close contact with people who could be in-fected or are not wearing a mask. This means a change to our routine, probably more time at home, and more wearing our mask, etc. Remember we are talking about a serious health condition. We may have to adjust and be more vigilant, but get into a routine, wash your hands regularly (good for so many reasons), wear a mask like your life depended on it (and it might), suspect that ANYONE could have this, so plan accordingly.

While it may be inconvenient to follow the precautions of wearing a mask, limiting big groups or some per-sonal contacts, washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, it is doable, and none of these steps is TOTALLY impossible. Sometimes our wishes, wants, and desires tells us how tough something is, even when it is not that tough. It is not what we necessarily want, but it is totally doable.

Take care of yourself. Fatigue usually comes from a mood related issue, such as “I am sick of this” or “This is unfair, I shouldn’t have to do all this.” It can also come from not taking care of our body or not dealing with our stress that zaps us of energy. Are you not sleeping well? That can affect fatigue, too. So take time to get your sleep, eat well to give your body the fuel it needs, see your doctor or healthcare profes-sional if something is wrong, take time to walk each day, talk to a friend when you need to, and be com-passionate with yourself – times are tough but nothing you need to do to be safe and protect your families or co-workers is a huge undertaking.

Practice the guidelines, take care of yourself, ask for help when you need to, people are far stronger than we sometimes recognize. Taking the time to use the tools that reduces our risk are TOTALLY doable and ANYONE can do them. By making a regular commit-ment, seeing the reasons, working to increase (not de-crease) your motivation, you will power through and feel good about yourself physically and mentally.

CONTACT: Kathy Hurt, Community Impact Director, 954/421-6242, khurt@fhehealth.com