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12/18/2020 General
Specialty Infusion Apothecary & Wellness Spa

SIA - Specialty Infusion Apothecary & Wellness Spa - Opens in Boca

SIA is a unique boutique healthcare solution focused on value-based outcomes for its patients.  SIA has created its own health care ecosystem offering affiliated “bundled services” creating convenience in experience & value in pricing. 

In the midst of COVID-19 & with the onset of a predictably dangerous Flu Season, SIA’s wellness platform will offer you & your employees a preventative & proactive vitamin health regimen that will help them stay healthier throughout this period.  To that end, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you SIA’s membership program in greater detail.  

This program provides employees with a very attractive incentive by promoting health & wellbeing.  Healthier & more energized employees lead to greater productivity, output, & happiness, which translates into corporate profitability.

SIA’s program renews every 3 months to provide employers with greater flexibility by evaluating the merits of the program on an ongoing basis or capitalizing on seasonality concerns.  SIA will provide you with monthly reporting data reflecting participation levels in order to enable you to make those smart business decisions.  

In summary, this is an extremely inexpensive option for employers to create goodwill with its employees, enhance productivity, & promote a healthier lifestyle so everybody wins!!

To learn more about SIA’s membership program & all of our suite of services please contact Emily Phillips at emily@sia-boca.com or 404.372.4247.  Visit us on our website at www.sia-boca.com.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sia.boca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/specialtyinfusionapothecaryandwellnessspa