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11/21/2022 General
Mango Optic, with AI-Enhanced Tele-Optometry

Mango Optic, with AI-Enhanced Teleoptometry, Virtual-Try-ons, and a Sweet Twist to Patient Service, Arriving Soon to Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, FL —Mango Optic, a family-owned optical boutique offering cutting-edge
teleoptometry eye exams, virtual try-ons, and a unique customer experience, is slated to open at Lakeside Centre, Boca Raton, on Monday, January 2, 2023.

Mango Optic will showcase luxury and premium eyewear in its vibrant show room from iconic brands American Optical, Balenciaga, Celine, DB4K, Etnia Barcelona, Face A Face, Fred, Givenchy, Gucci, Puma, Saint Laurent, Scott Harris, as well as contact lenses and eyewear accessories. Mango Optic will combine a user-friendly digital shopping experience with a fun instore customer experience to set it apart from the competition.

Mango Optic will offer comprehensive ocular telehealth eye exams live consultations from board certified optometrists, using 20/20 Now technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will allow for the early detection of retinal disease such as diabetic retinopathy. Using FDA approved medical equipment and software, retinal images are immediately enhanced using the AI program, allowing optometrists to diagnose with more confidence conditions that affect the retina. With traditional testing, some retinopathy may go undetected in its early stages.

Mango Optic is owned by Gisele and Jaime Crespo, a wife and husband team, who reside in West Boca Raton. Gisele is a licensed optician by the Florida Board of Opticianry, and Contact Lens Fitting Board Certified with more than 7 years of optical management experience. Jaime is an award-winning marketer who will oversee business operations and serve as an apprentice optician. Mango Optic is a member of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.

“The future in eye exams is arriving to Boca Raton,” said Gisele. “Using cutting-edge teleoptometry technology, we will be able to provide easier and quicker access to eye exams that are more comprehensive than those found in most large franchise chains today. Customers will receive high-quality vision care and prescriptions from the optometrist faster, and walk-in exams will be available six days a week.”

Through its online gallery, powered by OptifyOnline, customers will engage with Mango Optic’s optical inventory, including virtual try-ons, and pre-exam frame selection, from the comfort of their home on any device. Virtual try-ons with select brands, powered by Fittingbox, will create an immersive try-before-you-buy experience in real time.

The name Mango Optic is derived from Gisele’s passion and love for mangos and eyes. Born and raised in Brazil, some of her earliest memories involved climbing her grandmother’s mango trees and helping her make mango-flavored delights.

During the pandemic, Gisele created to much fanfare, organic, homemade mango preserves, including flavors: mango, mango pineapple, mango chili-pepper, and mango passion fruit.  Mango Optic will offer complimentary mango preserves to patients as a token of its appreciation. Mangos are full of nutrients that help support healthy eyes, including antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which act as a natural sunblock, support retinal health, and protect against blue light. “Mango Optic will consistently strive to offer a customer experience that is completely unique,” Jaime says. “We want all people who enter our store to have fun and truly enjoy the optical shopping experience. With all the daily stresses people face, bringing joy to all who enter our store will be our mantra. Our staff will also speak Portuguese and Spanish to provide top-notch patient service to our diverse community.”

Patrons will enjoy Mango Optic’s complimentary Brazilian coffee, while they browse eyewear in its vibrant showroom. The boutique will boast a 7.5 ft. multicolored preserved moss wall display with neon lights, which was designed for selfies and social media posts. Mango color furniture, a natural cut wood optician desk, mango wood coffee table, and LED illuminated seasonal front displays will greet customers.

Mango Optic is located steps from Marshall’s, and in between Mindy’s Munchies, and Embarcadero 41, a new Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant, which recently opened at Lakeside Centre with outdoor dining. “The ambience while shopping at Mango Optic will be one-of-akind,” Gisele says. “Our customers will be able to enjoy new Celines with their delectable  ceviches at Embarcadero 41,  and new Guccis to go along with goodies from Mindy’s Muchies!”

Jaime Crespo