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1/25/2023 General
New and Updated: Custom College Visits Publishes 2nd Edition of their College Trip Planning Book

New and Updated: Custom College Visits Publishes 2nd Edition of their College Trip Planning Book

Delray Beach, FL, January 2023 – The second edition of College Road Trips A Parent’s Guide: How to Organize Your Teen's College Visits Without Losing Your Mind is now out and available on Amazon.com and by free download on CustomCollegeVisits.com.

Custom College Visits (CCV) is a leader in personalized, multi-day, multi-campus college tours for families, and a member of the Delray Beach Chamber; the book, written by CCV founder Janice Caine, offers families invaluable tips to negotiate the otherwise daunting college tour process from beginning to end. Now updated to include Covid-19 protocol guidelines as well, the book contains essential, user-friendly steps that show the reader just how to cut through all the hassle, headaches, and time-wasting to create logical, straightforward itineraries and schedules. College Road Trips also provides a checklist of the vital details that need to be attended to before departing on a college visit—everything from arranging appointments with faculty members to determining your route and making travel arrangements. Put succinctly: it reads like getting an expert’s inside scoop, because you are getting an expert’s inside scoop.

College Road Trips author and CCV founder Janice Caine blends her background as a college consultant and former meeting and travel planner with personal parenting experiences. Think of her as a guide for a guide: each chapter is intended to help parents through the dizzying research and frenzy of planning college visits so they in turn can help their teens visit schools, have personalized experiences, and ultimately make informed decisions.
The book is as full of personal anecdotes as it is critical trip-planning information. For instance, Chapter 6.  Advice taken straight from a trip to UT Austin with her daughter . . . a very rainy, very uphill trip! “I still give my daughter a hard time about it,” Janice laughs.  “But we had a wonderful time on the tour and together, and now none of my clients ever tour without an umbrella on hand!” 

Custom College Visits is a Delray Beach-based, woman-owned business. The company designs multi-campus, multi-day itineraries for college-bound teens and their families. Campus visits are tailored to the specific interests of each student, allowing them to visit the colleges of their choice. Custom College Visits has become known for its attention to detail and personalized service.

For more information about Custom College Visits’ services or upcoming webinars, call (650) 931-4515 or send an email to info@customcollegevisits.com You may also visit the website at www.customcollegevisits.com.