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2/1/2023 General
EPIC Clinics Pompano Open

EPIC Clinics Pompano Open for Business

EPIC Clinics Pompano is now open for business for all patients looking to identify and correct their body’s dysfunctions of the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

They are a premier Brain Health and pain resolution clinic located in Pompano Beach, FL offering precision care, at 41 N Federal Hwy Ste D. Dr. Daniel Hulsey & Dr. Samantha Carney and their team of committed professionals have been dedicated to helping patients find and correct the actual CAUSE of their problems. It is very rare that a physician is able to diagnose and discover misalignment syndromes in the upper neck area. This approach allows the EPIC Doctors to treat the underlying root CAUSE of the dysfunction.

EPIC (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Correction) Clinics is on the cutting edge of spinal care, offering a range of services that meet the expectations of even the most skeptical patient. By identifying and correcting cervical spine misalignments, EPIC helps patients heal and restore proper function of the nervous system. EPIC's technology includes advanced diagnostic imaging, spinal engineering software for analysis, epigenetic structural profiling, degree-specific digital calibration, percussion sound wave adjusting, and patented treatment technology.
EPIC Clinics is the only chiropractic technique that has been published in the Orthopedic and Rheumatology Open Access Journal for their systematized and evidence-based protocols. EPIC offers the most duplicatable and predictable patient outcomes in the spinal care industry. EPIC uses science, mathematics, and technology to offer no guessing, no twisting, no cracking of the neck, no experimenting, and no trying, just reliable corrective results at the SPEED of SOUND!

Press Contact: Dr. Dan Hulsey
Email: dr.hulsey@epicclinics.com